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DS Unit

The DS unit is designed for those boaters that like using one lever to do both throttle and shift in their dual station boat. The Station Selector allows smooth operation of dual function controls in a dual station application.


The dual function DS unit is great for dual station boats without a lot of room on the dash or if you wanted to use side mounted controls in two stations. Just put both levers in neutral, turn the selector switch and you have changed stations.

SeaStar Solutions recommends that you only use the XTREME 33C cable part number CCX633XX with the DS unit.


• Dual function mechanical controls can be used in a dual station boat
• Side mount controls can now be used in dual station boats
• You only require one station selector for both a single engine or dual station boats
• Using the recommended XTREME control cables allow smooth control operation
• The Inboard/Sterndrive DS throttle unit is a pull only set up. For a push throttle use the outboard DS throttle unit.