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What People Are Saying About Optimus EPS and Optimus 360

“There were several boats coming into the marina the other day, all at once. I had to hold my position outside
for about 15 minutes while the traffic cleared. It was windy, but using the joystick, I was able to do it, no problem.
When I finally got into my slip, the dockmaster told me he thought that was the best boathandling he’d seen, bar none.”

Tred Barta
“The joystick control is awesome, but it’s the Optimus Power
Steering that’s a big, big deal for me. When I’m kite fishing
in rough seas, the variable turning ratio let’s me keep my
boat’s nose in the wind without having to endlessly crank
the wheel back and forth. When I’m ready to head for home,
I simply dial in the autopilot and when I get to my slip,
I slide in without a hitch.”

Capt. Rene Arnesto
“For me, Optimus 360 means freedom. Now I can get to the
fuel dock on my own and be ready for a day of fishing
without having a crew of 2 or 3 guys on board.
I’d call it a game changer!”

Norman Hartwell, Portland
“It used to be my husband’s boat, but since we installed the
Optimus 360 joystick, I really enjoy taking it out on my own.
Even getting it in and out of the slip is easy. I guess
it’s really our boat now.”

Rini and Chris Shafner, Jupiter, FL
“As a captain and guide, handling a boat is second nature
to me, but the joystick steering with Optimus 360 is really
amazing. Never before in my 30 plus year carrier was I able
to move a boat sideways! It’s pretty amazing and at the end
of the day it sure makes docking a breeze.”

Capt. Dan Wood.
“I single hand my boat about 90% of the time and Optimus
360 makes life so much easier. Within 5 minutes of using
the joystick, I was good to go. It’s the single best piece of
technology I’ve ever invested in. Wouldn’t be without it.”

Ken Goldman

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