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SeaWays Autopilot

SeaWays is a simple enhancement (update) to the Optimus 360 system using the CANtrak display and can use the same heading and position sensor as SeaStation.

• SeaWays will be included with SeaStation and is accessible using the CANtrak display that is part of the Optimus 360 system
• The display image is simple making it easy to engage one of the 3 modes and understand what the boat is doing
• Track mode will compensate for wind and current keeping the boat on course
• Uses GPS-compass technology
• Heading not affected by boat roll and pitch
• Always provides true north
• Now you have SeaStation (GPS anchor) and Autopilot all in one System from SeaStar


Autopilot holds a desired heading.
Boat may drift with wind and current.


Autopilot holds a desired course over ground.
Boat heading may be changed by the autopilot to
hold the desired course.


Autopilot follows waypoints provided
by third party chart plotter. Boat heading
will be changed by the autopilot to follow the waypoints.

Autopilot is temporarily disabled when the helm is turned. The autopilot re-engages automatically when the helm is no longer turned and the boat heading is stable. When the autopilot re-engages, the current heading becomes the new desired heading.

What Makes SeaWays Autopilot Simple?
• All other displays, Course Control Units (CCU), and GPS/compasses are no longer required
• The autopilot CCU resides inside the steering controller (PCM) and has access to all the steering characteristics for optimum performance
• All the steering commands are sent internally providing a more integrated system, unlike 3rd party autopilot systems where communication is external
• SeaWays commissioning is simple with a three step tuning process for accurate autopilot performance
• Installers can import SeaWays autopilot tuning parameters from a golden file via CANtrak display
• Tuning is simple as all SeaWays has to do is determine how the boat responds to the rudder, providing accurate autopilot performance
• Auto Tune – SeaStar knows how the steering operates so there is no need to tune for steering

The SeaWays autopilot Heading and Track modes can be activated via the CANtrak display. If you desire Route Mode a third party chartplotter is required for setting the waypoints.

Easy Heading change with a simple Tap of the Joystick

Instead of changing your heading via the CANtrak display, can easily change your heading by tapping the joystick to get 1 degree or 10 degree changes in heading.

Tap the joystick port or starboard for 1 degree change or hold it for 2 seconds for 10 degree change.