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Fuel Filters Inline Maintenance & Technology


Today’s ethanol blended fuels act to dissolve gum and varnish found in your fuel system. Proper fuel system maintenance is critical to keeping your engine running properly and prevent costly repairs.

Inspect filters regularly and replace every 50 hours of operation or at a minimum of at least once per year, preferably when you winterize.
Check for fuel leaks and deteriorated fuel lines. If fuel lines are stiff, replace them. Ethanol based fuels will cause the fuel lines to deteriorate from the inside and will also make older fuel lines stiff and brittle.
Many smaller engines have no fuel filters on the system. Sierra offers easy to install universal inline filters that will fit just about any fuel line on the market and give you an easy visual inspection method for your fuel system.
When in doubt, leave it to a professional. If unsure or unaware of how to replace your filters, let your local Sierra marine professional do the job for you.


Sonically sealed end caps.
OEM matched filter media.
Maximum performance with no restrictions.
Direct OEM replacements or universal designs available.
Approved for use with ethanol-based fuels.