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Fuel Filters Kits Maintenance & Technology


Inspect filters for leaks and damages each time engine is put into service.

Replace filters every 50 hours of operations or at a minimum of once per year. Ethanol blended fuels will cause debris and varnish to dissolve from fuel tanks and fuel lines which may require more frequent replacement of filters.

Inspect mounting bracket for fuel filter to be sure bracket is securely mounted to bulkhead.
Never use PTF tape when installing threaded fuel lines or pipe plugs. Use PTF paste. Threads from the tape tend to enter and block passages in the fuel system.

Use the right size filter for job. Read engine horsepower recommendations and restrictions prior to installing fuel filter kit.

Fuel Filters / KITS – TECHNOLOGY

10-micron filter kits are designed to flow over 90 gallons per hour to prevent fuel starvation to the engine.

10-micron fuel kits trap over 90% of 10-micron or larger particles from the fuel system, helping to prevent costly engine damage.

Filter kits are complete with mounting brackets of either aluminum (freshwater) or stainless steel (salt & brackish water), and the necessary brass pipe plugs to complete the installation.

Multiple inlet and outlet ports allow for either flow-thru or single side fuel flow. Allowing for mounting in most engine configurations.

Bonus kits are conveniently packaged with spare filter.
Kits are manufactured in ISO certified facility.