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General Filter Facts

Sierra is the largest supplier of fuel and oil filters to the marine aftermarket, and the quality and technology produced in each and every filter has also made Sierra a major supplier of filters to the OEM marine engine market.

Don’t install just any filter to protect your engine, install a quality Sierra filter.

All Sierra filters use premium epoxy coated canisters to prevent moisture and corrosion from damaging your engine.

Sierra uses only strong and durable heavy walled steel filter canisters. Flimsy aluminum canisters just aren’t good enough.

Sierra only used the highest quality filter media to protect your engine. Our filters are independently lab tested and the choice of boaters and engine manufacturers around the globe.

Sierra 10-micron fuel filters are over 90% efficient at removing 10-micron or smaller particles from your engine while still flowing over 90 GPH (gallons per hour). We won’t starve your engine for fuel. We will protect your engine from dirt and debris.

Sierra offers fuel and oil filters for both gasoline and diesel applications that are direct replacements for the OEM filter and with OEM micron ratings as low as 2-micron.
Every Sierra filter is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the marine industry. Sierra’s limited lifetime warranty. No other filter supplier OEM or aftermarket backs their products like Sierra.

Don’t skimp on your engines first line of defense, install a Sierra filter and rest assured you have OEM protection at an affordable price.