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Outboard Maintenance and Technology


Replace filter after first 20 hours of engine operation.

After first 20 hours filters are to be replaced every 50 hours of operation or at a minimum
of once yearly.

Add a coating of engine oil to sealing gasket prior to installation to prevent filter from
“freezing” in place and allow for easy removal.

Use marine rated oil filters and not automotive filters. Marine filters generally filter at a
higher micron level and also allow for more oil flow at higher rpm’s than automotive

Use the correct grade and weight of marine rated oil to protect your engine.
Follow engine manufactures recommended procedures on oil and filter changes. In
general, be sure to run engine to operating temperature to aid in removing all oil from
crankcase and keep debris suspended in oil for removal.

Never run engine out of the water without a properly installed flushing device in place.
Do not over-tighten filter.
Be sure and run engine and check for leaks after any oil service.


Canister filters made from epoxy coated steel for added strength.
Cartridge filters designed to OEM specifications.
High flow filter media designed for the demands of the marine environment.
Anti-drain back technology (where applicable) to help keep lubrication from draining
back into the crankcase, providing extra protection on start-up.

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