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Gas Saving Tips

Not only will proper lubrication of your engine add to engine life and lower repair costs, but it can also save you money at the fuel pump.  Follow a few simple rules and improve your boating experience and your gas mileage.

Engine oil is critical to the operation of your engine by reducing friction and preventing premature wear on internal engine components. Be sure and only use quality marine rated oils like Sierra TC-W3 certified 2-stroke oil and FC-W certified 4-stroke oils. Sierra offers a complete line of engine oils to protect your engine, and Sierra also offers one the most extensive lines of quality marine 4-stroke oil filters that meet or exceed their OEM equivalent.

Just as engine oil is critical to reducing friction inside your engine, lower unit gear lubricant reduces friction and protects your lower unit and outdrive gears and bearings. Change your gear lube every 50 hours or at a minimum of every season.You should inspect your gear lubricant each time you use your boat.

Keep throttle and shift linkages lubricated with Sierra Premium Marine Grease to reduce drag and keep your engine responsive to your control.

The Bottom Line

It is always less expensive to be preventative about your boat and engine maintenance than to wait for a problem to occur. Take care of your boat and engine and it will take care of you and your family.