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Winterization Lubrication

Winterization (Off-Season Storage) is the most important single maintenance job you can perform on your boat and engine. In cold climates, devastating engine damage from freezing can cost thousands of dollars to repair in the spring. In all climates, improper fuel storage can make starting your boat in the spring impossible.

Sierra offers a complete selection of winterization lubricants and the tools necessary to perform the job. Many boats and engines will have certain specific ways to winterize, and you should refer to the proper procedure for your boat and specific motor. However, the basic principles are the same for all engines, and Sierra has the lubricant for the job.

Stabilize your fuel with Sierra Gasoline Performance Additive and Stabilizer. Be sure to run your engine after stabilizing your fuel. Many owners add stabilizer to the fuel tank but forget to run the engine. This allows the fuel in carburetor, injectors and VST tanks to varnish and gum up your engine.

4-stroke engines need to have their crankcase oil and filter changed. Sierra offers specific weight oils to match the OEM requirements and all Sierra oils are formulated to meet or even exceed their OEM equivalent. Don’t wait till spring to change your oil. Oil breaks down over the course of the season and becomes acidic. If you wait until spring to change your oil, the acid can damage the bearings, crankshaft and other internal engine components. Plus, for most boat service shops the spring is the busiest time of the year and you may have to wait weeks for your boat be serviced!

“Fogging” your engine applies a thin layer of sticky oil to the inside of your engine, which acts as a barrier to corrosion over the off-season. Fogging refers to the smoke that comes from the exhaust when the oil is sprayed into the engine intake. Sierra Fogging Oil is specifically formulated to protect your engines internal components and to reduce the amount of “fog” emitted from the exhaust.

Change your gear lube in the lower unit. Never drain and leave empty your lower unit for the off-season. First, this promotes corrosion on the bearings and gears. Secondly, more than one boat owner has forgotten come spring that the unit is empty and water only lubricates for a few minutes before the entire lower unit seizes up! Sierra Hi-Performance Synthetic Blend gear lube has been independently tested and proven to out perform even the most popular OEM gear lube on the market in areas such as corrosion protection and water emulsification.

Sierra offers many specific tools to aid you in engine winterization. Gear lube pumps, filter wrenches, oil and fuel filters are just a few of the items Sierra produces to make your maintenance job easier.

Finally, if all this sounds like more than you can handle, contact a marine professional to have the work done for you. You might sleep more soundly on those cold winter nights knowing your boat and engine have been professionally winterized. To locate your nearest service professional visit our Dealer Network.