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Spring Tune Up

Proper lubrication of your boat engine and trailer will help keep you on the water and out of the service shop. Sierra offers a wide range of lubricants to keep you on the water having fun and our lubricants are backed by the most extensive warranty in the marine business. The Sierra Limited Lifetime Warranty, we pay parts, labor and even haul-out or towing if one of our products cause damage because of a manufacturing defect. Not even the OEM engine manufacturers back their products with this extensive of a warranty.

2-stroke engines need their oil tanks filled with Sierra Premium Blue TC-W3 certified oil.

4-stroke engines should have their crankcase oil checked and topped off if necessary. Crankcase oil should be changed at the end of the season, so you are ready to hit the water when the weather gets nice. Sierra offers a full line of FC-W Certified oils in weights to match your engines requirements.

Check your gear lube, top off as required.

Check wheel bearings and grease trailer hubs.

Lubricate pivot pins, outdrive zerk fittings, trim rams and steering cable ends with Sierra Premium Marine Grease.

Check nuts and bolt on the console, windshield and compartment hatches. Sierra offers a full line of Loctite products to keep nuts and bolts from vibrating loose while running across the water.

2-stroke engines should have Sierra Combustion Chamber Cleaner added to the fuel to clean your engine of power robbing deposits that build up in 2-stroke engines.

Sierra Fuel Stabilizer should be added at the “in season” rate to fuel tanks to keep fuel fresh and slow down evaporation from ethanol fuel additives that clog up fuel systems.

Check trim systems and add Sierra Power Trim and Tilt fluid as required. Sierra Trim Fluid is compatible with both ATF and motor oil operated systems.

Finally, spray shift components and throttle linkage with Sierra White Lithium Grease spray to lubricate and protect from corrosion.