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Hydraulic Tanks

Plastic hydraulic tanks provide these advantages over hydraulic tanks of metal or other materials:

• Custom design and engineering using Solid Works and 3D Solid Modeling
• Design flexibility and configured to customers requirements
• Large inventory of existing molds
• Inca’s nominal wall thickness for fuel tanks is the thickest in the marine industry.
• Uniform wall thickness
• Crosslink Polyethylene Resins to improve impact strength, provide higher stress crack resistance and enhance weatherability. Withstands temperatures up to 180oF
• Nylon for excellent tensile strength, stiffness and impact. High heat resistance- up to 180oF and chemical resistance
• Impact strength
• Environmental stress-crack resistance
• UV stabilization for long-term outdoor protection.
• Inserts and fittings able to be incorporated as integral components
• Internal vent tubes
• Integrally molded fill and vent
• Variety of colors and textures
• Mold-in graphics and embossing
• Hold down features
• Design validation testing—fire test, shock test, pressure impulse test
• Three testing stations, including leak testing
• Unique tool building techniques, developed by Inca, to assist in meeting design specifications
• Product longevity
• Ready for installation