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Vac Hose with FDA Liner – Series No. 145


Size Range – 1 1/4″ – Warranty – Limited Lifetime

PVC supported by vinyl covered steel wire – very flexible FDA formula liner. Resistant to: mild chemicals, salt water.  This hose is primarily used for diaphragm style hand operated bilge pump intake and discharge, drains (sink, shower, scupper), and potable water tank fill.


Can be bent into Gradual Radius: – (Flexibility -1 )

Designed to give Excellent Service for:
• Water Tank Fill
• Drain Lines to Sump or Above Water Line

Not Recommended:
• Do not use glycol based antifreeze in hose.
• Do not attach to thru hull fitting below the water line.


I.D. Bend Radius Vac Rating Wt “C” Bulk Pack 2 x 50′ Code# Dist. Pkg. 50′ R/O Ctn. Code# Dist. Pkg. 10′ Polypac Code#
1 1/4″ 3/4″ 20 22 16-145-1140 16-145-1146 16-145-1143