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Super PVC Sanitation – Series No. 144

Size Range – 5/8″ – 1 1/2″ 15.9mm – 38.1mm Warranty – Limited Lifetime

Shields Super PVC Sanitation Hose is smooth off white PVC with a vinyl helix.  It contains an anti-fungus/bacterial agent to inhibit odor causing growth.  It is resistant to mild chemicals, saltwater, and permeation.  This hose is primarily used for toilet to holding tank (self draining lines) and holding tank pump out.  It has a five year limited warranty.  Do not use ethylene glycol based anti-freeze in hose.  CAUTION – Do not use for potable water.


Can be bent into Gradual Radius (Flexibility – 2)
Designed to give Excellent Service for:
Toilet to Holding Tank
• Holding Tank Pump Out
• Holding Tank to Overboard Discharge
Not Available in Size Range:
• Toilet Water Inlet
• Holding Tank Vent


I.D. mm Bend
mm Vac
Wt “C” Bulk Pack 100′ (30.5m) Coil Code # Dist. Pkg. 50′ (15.2m) R/0 Ctn. Code #
1″ 25.4 3 76.2 28 27 16-144-1000 16-144-1006
1 1/2″ 38.1 5 127.3 28 40 16-144-1120 16-144-1126