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The Matrix Range of Instruments

The Matrix gauge set is intended to operate on Mercury SmartCraft® or NMEA 2000® engines (max 4 engines / 2 stations). The gauges operate on 12v systems and support single, dual, triple or quad engine applications.

In a Matrix gauge set, the 3” tachometer is the master and connects directly to the data bus. All other gauges are slaves and connect to the tachometer RS-485 private bus (immune to electrical noise, more robust and reliable). The tachometer reads engine parameters and forwards them on to the slave gauges.


• CANbus driven Tachometer
• Speedometer and 2” gauges receive data from Tachometers
• LCD on Tachometer and Speedo displays all available data and alarms
• IP67 waterproof / submersible housings (with connector fitted)
• Dry Nitrogen filled to minimize fogging
• LED dimmable, automotive style backlighting (red)
• CANbus connectivity
• Large FSTN LCD (excellent optical performance under all lighting conditions) on speedo and tach (with contrast adjustment)
• 10-18 VDC operational range
• Alarm output for vessel info
• Polished chrome bezels
• Soft-function tactile push keys for navigation
• Fully sunlight readable display
• Plug and play connectors