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7200-7210 Display (Displays No Longer Available)

7200-7210 Display (Displays No Longer Available)  View Notice and Information Here

The CANtrak 7200/7210 has established a standard for intelligent, multi-function displays. The ideal man-machine interface, it is easily configured via the application of user-friendly software, to measure, display, store, process and transmit data.


• Graphical high resolution FSTN LCD.
• Rugged ABS case.
• IP67/ NEMA protection rating.
• Low operating temperature range.
• Data logging/diagnostics and control capability.
• Contrast control/variable backlighting.
• Internal sounder.
• Multiple accessed screens via illuminated soft-keys.
• The display is RS232, RS485 and CANbus datalink compatible.
• Front mountable.
• Integral Deutsch 12 way connector.
• 7210 only, Internal 500mA open collector output driver (possibly for external output alarm).
• Front cover (optional).
• CE Approved design.