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This CCIM is a programmable sensor module that interfaces between various electronic sensors and a J1939 or NMEA 2000 Networks.

Key Features

• The CCIM unit measures the various sensor inputs, digitises the measurements and then sends the digitised data in packets to a remote display unit – such as our CANtrak display. (The CANtrak with GEM software formats and displays the data, and offers a comprehensive fault warning and acknowledgement system).
• The CCIM has 7 configurable analogue inputs that can be set to measure either voltage or resistive signals. There are three digital inputs (For example a Tacho and two fuel flow inputs – sensors not supplied).
There is a systems voltage input, for measuring battery voltage.
There is also a single digital 1Amp output driver – for use as say an external alarm or fuel shut off feature.
• J1939 or NMEA 2000 CAN Protocols supported.
• CCIM supports NMEA 2000 Network Management.
• The CCIM is supplied fitted in a rugged automotive approved Deutsch enclosure/connector system.
• A CCIM PC Config tool is available to allow the customer to set up module.


• 7 Analogue Inputs
• 3 pulse (digital) inputs
• CANbus and RS232 Communications
• Single 1 Amp Output Driver
• Windows based PC Config tool – no programming
• Config Tutorial available
• Module ships with an Installation Manual