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Generic Engine Monitoring for J1939/J1587 Engines (Displays No Longer Available)

Generic Engine Monitor (GEM) CANtrak displays transmitted J1939 and J1587 engine and transmission data, active and stored alarms where supported, plus is a trip and fuel computer. The GEM application runs on the renowned CANtrak 7200/7210 robust industrial graphical displays. The GEM offers user selectable icon based display layouts as well as including a comprehensive multi language text based fault warning and acknowledgement system.

Key Features

• Enhanced Fuel Computer Operation
• SAE J1587 Legacy Protocol added
• Tri-Screen now is configurable – similar to the Quad-Screens
• Configuration Menu now has optional PIN – Personal Identification Number to lock other users out from making Config Menu changes
• Quad-Screens can now be “locked” to prevent unauthorised changes
• SAE 1939 Source Addressing has greater configurability
• Service Interval counter/display can now be disabled
• The DM1 message – “No Active Faults” no longer triggers an alarm
• Many new parameters added


• Plug-and-go solution for the display of J1939 and J1587-transmitted engine and transmission data.
• Compatible with most diesel engines and transmissions.
• Large sunlight readable graphical display, 160 x 128 pixels.
• Adjustable contrast and backlight.
• ISO and SAE standard icons are used for the parameters
• Menu and text based alarm systems are in multiple languages.
• Soft function tactile and audible push-keys.
• Flexible display options: multi-window screens, with analogue gauge, digital text or graphs.
• Data is available in several formats and measurement units.
• Comprehensive fuel management and trip computer facilities.
• Engine and transmission fault data is handled by a user warning and acknowledgement system.
• Automatic last screen store and a keyboard lock.
• A number of Engineering screens are available such as Comms and Message Database Viewers.
• Alarm data and engine source filtering are user selectable. If supported by the ECU engine configuration data can be viewed.
• Users are able to specify the engine service interval prompt and also the fuel tank capacity for fuel and distance to empty calculations.
• Front cover (optional).
• Electrical connection to data and power lines is via a sealed Deutsch 12 way connector.