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Power and Can Harness for 2600/2610

Teleflex can supply a suitable harness for the CANtrak 2600/2610 displays. The display end of the harness has a 12 pin Deutsch connector the other end is just 5 bare ends. A kit of bits excluding wires (including 12 pins and 12 sealing plugs) is also available from Teleflex. The supply to the display should be protected by a circuit breaker or fuse rated at 500mA per unit.

Connector Details

The CANtrak 2600/2610 display connector is a Deutsch DT04 12PA and is moulded into the rear of the display. The mating connector is the Deutsch DT06 12S A CE10 which also requires; Wedgelock: W12S (one per connector). Pin Sockets: (note different finishes and termination methods are available for this part, refer to Deutsch directly for details) Sealing Plugs: 114017 (one per unused pin location).
The Deutsch website address is:

Note: In order to meet the EMC radiated emissions requirements of BSEN60945 (maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems) it is necessary to place a ferrite clamp over the harness connected to the unit. Ferrite clamp should be of type TDK ZCAT2032-0930 (available from Arrow Electronics, part number 422345E) or equivalent.


• 1.5m length of automotive specified cabling.
• Just five wires are connected to the pins on the Deutsch 12 way connector.
• Two wires for the power, two for CANBUS connection and one for the switched output for the CANtrak 2610.
• Teleflex would be happy to review the option of supplying other configurations, alternatively customers can source parts (opposite – “was current”) and build up their own harness assemblies