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Mounting Cover Options

Mounting and Protective Front Cover Options

CANtrak 2600/2610 are both supplied with a front mounting kit, consisting of a set of nylon studs and thumbnuts. For alternative mounting options see below.

Rear/Flush Mounting Kit

For a CANtrak 2600/2610 to be mounted from the rear of a panel with a suitable cutout, four studs need to be fixed to the rear of the panel. Note these studs are not supplied. The rear mounting kit then clamps the display in place.

Trunion Mounting Kit

This stylish black painted and anodised Trunion Kit was purposely designed for the 2600/2610 displays. The Trunion, which only shown here with the fixing plate to the bottom, can also be fitted at the top on either side for hanging from above or fixing to a surface on the left or right. The two knobs allow the display to be tilted for the optimum viewing angle and then securely locked into position.

Protective Front Cover

Predominantly for marine applications Teleflex has produced a white push on protective cover for the 2600/2610. This is an option and is not included in the purchase of a display unless ordered specifically. The cover can be printed with a product name or logo at an additional cost.