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Software Development Kit

2600-2610 Software Development Kits

As a high technology forward thinking company, Teleflex not only offers well-engineered and competitively priced graphical displays, but also offers easy access to a highly valuable Software Developers Kit (SDK). The SDK are the same software development tools it’s own software engineers use on customers projects.


• All software for CANtraks 2600/2610 is written in “C” – from the low- level drivers, through to the high-level functions required by the application developer. The SDK makes available an extensive library that covers all the aspects required to quickly develop and create a new application; graphics programming, serial communications, man-machine-inter face and, of course, CAN messaging.
• Teleflex have included an online help facility..
• The end-user is not limited to just the functionality Teleflex have provided in the library – the system is open and the programmer has full control over all the hardware of the CANtrak if required.