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HPS™ Rack and Pinion

HPS™ Rack by SeaStar Solutions® is the best 4-turn way to steer a power-assisted sterndrive or outboard! Ideal for small inboards too, HPS reduces backlash (free-play at the wheel) associated with power steered boats by up to 50%! A great choice for ski boats, too!


HPS™ Rack is ideal for all power-assisted sterndrives that can accept a mechanical steering cable and have adequate room for a rack & pinion steering cable behind the dash. It replaces most standard SeaStar Solutions® Rack & Pinion steering without dash modifications.  HPS Rack is available in single cable configuration and is for single station use only.  It accepts wheels up to 16” diameter.


• Designed for boats with power-assisted steering.
• Unique Xtreme core steering cable technology delivers incredible response and minimal lost motion.
• Precise, 4-turn response of Rack & Pinion steering.
• Designed to handle normal steering loads.
• Standard 3/4” tapered steering wheel shaft.
• Stainless steel cable output ends.
• Fast, easy installation.
• Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.
• Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements..