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STATS Update Log

Version 3.50 Mercruiser actuator command update May 2016
Version 3.49 Mercury Ignition Actuator Test command update May 2016
Version 3.48 Mercury
Mercury Verado actuator update
Mercury identification auto detect updated for correct ID of Verado and MAG
Mercruiser Idle air test update
Mercruiser drop bank update
May 2016
Version 3.47 Evinrude
E-Tec temperature profiles updated to correct total hour readout
4-Tec program update to correct time out with new key programming
May 2016
Version 3.43 All Software
Live data scroll anomaly when paging down update
Updated icons for actuator testing
Oil break-in counter added to parameter list
May 2016
Version 3.42 Mercury
Communication anomaly update
System ID update
Fuel Pump and Main Relay Test Update
May 2016
Version 3.41 All Software
Screen capture updated to use new application data read/write in OS V51
Memory storage increased for screen captures
May 2016
Version 3.38 All Software
Passcode requirement disabled on STATS console
Mercury/Mercruiser Parts Catalog Release
Mercury G3 Outboard Software released
April 2016
Version 3.13 Mercury G3 BETA release to test outboard engines August 2015
Version 3.10 MEFI 5-6 Clear Faults update July 2015
Version 3.09 MEFI 5, 5A previously active fault read update July 2015
Version 3.08 MEFI 5, 5A active fault read update July 2015
Version 3.07 Sea-Doo
Sea-Doo DI actuator update
Febuary 2015
Version 3.06 Sea-Doo 3D ski’s added Febuary 2015
Version 3.05 Test Release September 2014
Version 3.04 Mercury
Mercury/Mercruiser communication update
TPS calibration function added
September 2014
Version 3.02 Sea-Doo live data parameters update September 2014
Version 2.98 Sea-Doo Key programming update September 2014
Version 2.97 Evinrude
Ficht fault clearing update
September 2014
Version 2.96 Evinrude/Honda
Special Functions update
September 2014
Version 2.95 All Software
Forced Output test structure update
August 2014
Version 2.94 Kawasaki ST11 DI Ficht live data update for incorrect RPM and TPS % August 2014
Version 2.92 Sea-Doo Auto-detect fault read, engine hours read, service hour reset August 2014
Version 2.91 Volvo Penta 2000-2004 engine update, J1708 broadcast updated August 2014
Version 2.89 HONDA
EFI 4-Stroke Software Upgrade Release
BRP Outboard
TPS Calibration Function Added
– Protocol Update to Allow for Faster Communication
– Updated Fault Code Layout
– Freeze Frame Data Added
August 2014
Version 2.61 -BRP/Evinrude Ficht 6 cylinder drop test update
-BRP/Johnson Ficht update for incorrect ECU ID data
-BRP/Sea-Doo 4-Tec MPEM wake up speed increased
-BRP/Sea-Doo DESS key programming update
-BRP/Sea-Doo DI Injector Test Update
-BRP/Sea-Doo DI identifying routine update
-BRP/Sea-Doo DESS programming routines update
-Mercury Optimax reset break in oil update
-Mercury Optimax fuel pump test update
-Suzuki 4-Stroke 4 cylinder outboard power balance test update
August 2013
Version 2.48 BRP Evinrude system ID functions added
BRP Ficht update
July 2013
Version 2.40 Yamaha outboard 250HP update
BRP Evinrude system selection update
BRP 2010 fault clear update
Yamha Jetski autodetection update
Mercury Optimax DFI 98-2000 update
Mercury Oil Break in test added
July 2013
Version 2.38 Yamaha Outboard 2011/12 250HP update
BRP Sea-Doo 2010 fault clear update
Yamaha PWC system auto detection update
July 2013
Version 2.35 BRP Sea-doo DI key programming and connection update
BRP Evinrude 2 cylinder engine update
BRP Evinrude profile read update
BRP Evinrude live data update
Yamaha HPDI live data update
Mercury forced output update
Kawasaki ST12F update
Version 2.24 Mercruiser Injector Test Update N/A
Version 2.23 BRP Profiles reading update N/A
Version 2.22 Language file updates N/A
Version 2.21 Mercury/ Mercrusier 555 Fuel pump actuator test update
Mercury / Mercrusier 555 idle air actuator test update
Kawasaki ST12 model update
Kawasaki ST15 fault read update
Yamaha PWC and Outboard live data update
Version 2.20 BRP PWC 4-Tec key programming update N/A
Version 2.18 Mercury Opitmax hours read N/A
Version 2.16 Language file update N/A
Version 2.15 Mercury/ Mercruiser ignition firing test update N/A
Version 2.14 Mercury 40HP Fault Read update N/A
Version 2.13 Yamaha 4-Stroke hours read update N/A
Version 2.12 Language file update N/A
Version 2.11 2010 BRP Sea-Doo PWC Key Programming update
2010 BRP Sea-Doo live data reading update
Version 2.09 BRP Sea Doo imperial measures update
Kawasaki PWC imperial measures update
Yamaha HPDI hours read update
Version 2.08 Language files update N/A
Version 2.07 BRP ->2009 live data update
BRP ->2009 fault read update
Yamaha PWC 1001 engine live data update
Kawasaki 4 Stroke ultra fault code updates
Language file update
Version 2.04 BRP 4-TEC pre 2009 key programming update N/A
Version 2.03 BRP DESS programming update
Yamaha 2013 update
Version 2.01 Suzuki outboard fault read update N/A
Version 2.00 Suzuki outboard fault read update N/A
Version 1.99 Mercury Optimax fault read update N/A
Version 1.98 Language updates N/A
Version 1.97 Mercury/ Optimax Outboard update
Yamaha outboards update
Yamaha PWC update
MEFI systems update
BRP Evinrude systsems update
Version 1.85 Yamaha Outboards Update N/A
Version 1.84 Yamaha HPDI update
Yamaha 60 HP update
Version 1.83 Volvo engine hours reading update N/A
Version 1.82 Mercury/ Optimax live data updates
Yamaha active test updates
Yamaha live data updates
Suzuki active test updates
Version 1.77 BRP update N/A
Version 1.76 BRP dongle update
Suzuki 4 Stroke update
Version 1.54 Language file updates N/A
Version 1.50 BRP DESS update N/A
Version 1.49 Yamaha 150HP outbaord update for static and active tests
Yamaha SHO pwc clear fautls update
Version 1.48 Yamaha remotes update N/A
Version 1.47 Language Updates N/A
Version 1.46 BRP DI key programming update N/A
Version 1.43 Yanmar Update
Volvo D4 update
Yamaha Outboard 250HP updated
Yamaha remotes update
Yanmar EOBD U & C codes update
Version 1.34 Volvo update N/A
Version 1.33 Yanmar Added
Kawaskai ST12/15 support added
Version 1.32 Volvo Update N/A
Version 1.28 Volvo Penta Update N/A
Version 1.27 Volvo Penta Update N/A
Version 1.26 HSR-Benelli Update
Mercury Verado update
Version 1.24 Yamaha Jetski & Outboard update N/A
Version 1.23 Italian language support added N/A
Version 1.22 Yamaha Outboard Update
Yamaha Jetski Update
Updated French Language Support
Version 1.21 Yamaha Outboard update N/A
Version 1.20 Portuguese Language Update N/A
Version 1.19 Mercury Outbaord system added
Benelli S4 system added
BRP BI key programming functions
Yamaha Outboard update
Version 1.17 Yamaha Outbaord Fault reading update
Addition of new Watercraft and Outbaord systems to Autodetect
Version 1.16 BRP service information update
BRP fault reading and clearing update for ECU and MPEM
Version 1.15 BRP auto detect feature added
Spanish and French language update
Version 1.13 BRP Service Information Update N/A
Version 1.12 BRP Communications update N/A
Version 1.11 Yamaha system auto detect feature added
Yamaha Fault Clearing update
Version 1.10 BRP fault clear update N/A
Version 1.09 Yamaha PWC fault read and clear update N/A
Version 1.08 Yamaha menu update N/A
Version 1.07 Mercruiser Update N/A
Version 1.06 Mercruiser Update N/A
Version 1.05 French Language Update N/A
Version 1.04 Spanish Language Update N/A
Version 1.01 Mercruiser Inboard system added N/A
Version 1.00 Application Release Version N/A
Version 0.18 Splash Screen Update N/A
Version 0.17 Splash Screen Update N/A
Version 0.16 Splash Screen Update N/A
Version 0.11 BRP update N/A
Version 0.10 BRP update N/A
Version 0.09 BRP update N/A
Version 0.08 BRP update N/A
Version 0.06 OS Update N/A
Version 0.05 OS Update N/A
Version 0.04 Release Build Check N/A
Version 0.03 Screen Updates N/A
Version 0.02 Small Font OS Update N/A
Version 0.01 First Check in N/A