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STATS Engine Diagnostics FAQ’s

STATS Engine Diagnostics
How often do I have to charge my STATS?

STATS is not equipped with an internal battery.  STATS operates from engine battery voltage either through the Diagnostic Link Connector or via a DC Power cable that connects to the battery.  STATS is also powered by a AC adapter used during updates or uploads while connected to a PC.

Can I create diagnostic reports with STATS?

You can create diagnostic reports via uploading the saved information to a PC and creating the report on the STATS loader page.

What is MEFI 1-4?

MEFI 1-4 Includes most inboards with EFI technology. MEFI stands for Marine Electronic Fuel Injection and can be found on most Ski Boats such as Crusader, Indmar, Pleasurecraft, Marine Power and even Volvo Penta Gas Engines up to 2006.

What does STATS diagnose?

For a complete list of engines supported by STATS, click here

Does STATS have the ability to change the oil ratio on Evinrude E-Tec Engines?

Yes. STATS has the ability to change the oil ratio on Evinrude E-Tec engines from XD30, XD50 settings to XD100 Settings.

Can STATS configure vessel management systems such as SmartCraft?

Currently, STATS does not offer vessel management configuration features. Sierra is now researching vessel management opportunities.

Why is the Mercury/Mercruiser software bundled with the MEFI 1-4 Software?

The MEFI 1-4 software is bundled with the Mercury/Mercruiser software because Mercruiser used the MEFI controllers from the mid 90’s to 2001. So instead of having to buy 2 different software kits to support your Mercruiser engines, Sierra bundled them together for you in one convenient pack.

Does STATS display engine run histories?

Yes. STATS has the capabilities to display engine run histories. Most engines histories are broken down via engine RPM or by Temperature. This feature is very useful when determining the habits of the boat owners and advising the customer when periodic maintenance is due.

Can I purchase software upgrades online?

Currently software is not available online for purchase. This is a future function of the STATS loader program. At this time you will need to contact your distributor for purchase of software and corresponding cables.

What is the warranty on STATS?

STATS is equipped with the same industry leading warranty as ALL other Sierra Products which is a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects and workmanship!

What does MEFI 5-6 support?

MEFI 5-6 is a CANBus type controller used on most inboard Ski boats 2006 and later such as Indmar, Marine Power, and Flagship Marine.

How do I start using STATS?

Before use, STATS must be activated by connecting to a PC. You will also need to download the STATS Loader program from This will enable you to download new software and updates for your STATS. The STATS loader page is also where you will view, save, and print information from the STATS console.

Can I use STATS with my MAC?

STATS is not compatible with MAC unless you utilize Windows parallel.

What happens if I enter in the wrong passcode 3 consecutive times on my STATS?

By entering the wrong passcode 3 times consecutively will result in software deletion from the STATS and the console with lock for security purposes. Once locked, you will need to contact Sierra Technical support to unlock STATS and will then have the ability to re-install software from the STATS loader page. Passwords will be kept on record with serial number at Sierra. Customer must supply serial number and registration information to unlock.

Does STATS program injectors on Evinrude E-Tec Engines?

Currently, STATS does not program the injectors on E-Tec Engines.

Does STATS have the ability to tune engines?

Currently, STATS only performs diagnostics. It is not equipped with a tuner.

What if I have questions about how to use STATS

Your STATS purchase includes printed copy of the STATS user manual which can answer most questions before and during use. If you still need assistance, our Sierra Technical Support Team is here to answer any question you may have. Our toll-free number is 800-648-3976 X3. Email us

Can STATS Record live data to capture an intermittent concern?

Yes. STATS is able to record live data for up to 30 seconds at a time.

Does STATS work with Ficht Engines?

Yes. STATS does work with all Ficht Engines.

Where can I purchase STATS?

Contact any authorized Sierra Distributor for purchase.