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Magnuson Moss Warranty

In response to concerns raised by you and your dealers regarding Engine Manufacturers denying warranty coverage when aftermarket parts are installed on boats with outboard, stern drive or Inboard Engines, we at SeaStar Solutions reiterate our position that any Steering, controls or engine parts we sell are made at or beyond the engine manufactures specifications.

Please also note that Engine Manufacturers may be exposing themselves to consumer claims under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (hereinafter “MMWA”) if they attempt to deny warranty coverage solely as a result of the installation/use of aftermarket equipment, such as the Optimus 360 boat control system, oil filters, lubricants and aftermarket Engine parts. The MMWA makes it illegal for companies to void a warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because an aftermarket part is installed/used.

In summary, the only time a warranty can be voided is if the aftermarket equipment has been installed and it can be proven that the aftermarket product caused a non-defective part to fail. If it were the case, SeaStar has already confirmed in writing that any damage incurred, however unlikely, as a result of any SeaStar system or replacement part being used in conjunction with the Engine Manufacturers product will be covered under SeaStar Solutions warranty policy.

We sincerely hope that these facts will put your mind at ease that you can continue to install SeaStar Solutions and Sierra products and we thank you for your business.